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      Percutaneous Puncture Tracheostomy Kit


      Product Name: Percutaneous Puncture Tracheostomy Kit

      Type: PTS-I、PTS-II

      Product Specification: 6.5、7.0、7.5、8.0、8.5、9.0、9.5、10.0、10.5、11.0

      PTS-I:  Tracheotomy Tube, Rotating Expander, Guide Wire, Insertion Inducer, Probe, Scalpel, Push Booster.

      PTS-II: Tracheotomy Tube; Rotating Expander, Guide Wire, Insertion Inducer , Probe, Scalpel, Push Booster, Gauze, Drapes , medical gloves.


      1. Designed to establish and mantain an airway in case of an emgency.

      2. Cuff ensures effective sealing and atraumatic intubation and extubation.

      3.Rounded and smooth tip of the obturator minimizes tissue injury during intubation.

      4. Blister package.

      5. EO Sterile, single use.