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      Anesthesia Breathing Circuit(Sylphon Bellows)


      Products Name

      Anesthesia Breathing Circuit


      Sylphon Bellows; Coaxial Anesthesia   Circuit; Extension Pipe

      Sylphon Bellows Size

      1.0M; 1.2M; 1.5M

      Coaxial Anesthesia Circuit


      Extension Pipe


      Product Usage

      1. Widely used on anesthesia machine.

      2. Used for anesthetize and oxygen input   for surgery patient.

      Applicable Scope

      Anesthesiology; Operation Room; ICU; etc


      Breathing Bag / Breathing Filter / Spare   Pipe / Anesthesia Mask

      Certification: CE/ISO13485

      Contraindications :

      1. Pneumothorax and pneumomediastinum didn’t treating;bullae;hemoptysis;acute myocardial infarction;hemorrhagic shock before adding blood,forbidden using mechanical for ventilating.

      2. Please use it under guiding of experienced anesthetist or clinicians; and pay attention that the mechanical interface of the circuit need to assort with anesthesia machine and ventilator. 

      3. Never use when package damaged or leaking. For single use, destroyed after used.