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      Negative Pressure Wound Drainage Products

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      Product Name: Negative Pressure Wound Drainage Products.

      Certification: CE/ISO13485

      Type: NPWD-1; NPWD-2; NPWD-3; NPWD-4; NPWD-5

      Specification: FrA-B

      A: diamater of tubeFr8, Fr10, Fr12, Fr14, Fr15, Fr16, Fr18, Fr20, Fr22, Fr24), B: shape of tube 1: Round punched tupe、2: Round fluted tpe, 3: flat tube).

      NPWD-1:Drainage tube, Trocar, Clap, Drainage Reservoir ,Drainage Bag.

      NPWD-2:Draiange tube, Trocar, Clap, Draiange Container.

      NPWD-3:Draiange tube.

      NPWD-4:Drainage tube, Trocar, Clap, Frainage Reservoir.

      NPWD-5:Drainage tube, Trocar, Clap, Drainage Bag.

      Application Scope: The product is suitable for surface trauma or incision drainage.