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      Negative Pressure Wound Therapy kits(VSD)

      NPWT-1 600-400.jpg

      Products Name: Negative Pressure Wound Therapy kits

      Type: NPWT-1

      Size: PVA (30x20cm 30x10cm 20x15cm 15x10cm 15x5cm 7.5x5cm), PU (25*15*3 cm, 20*15*3 cm, 10*8*3 cm)


      Drainage sponge, biological membrane, Y connector, drawing connecting tube, clip, filter.

      Applicable Scope: 

      The Product Is widely used for negative pressure drainage and the treatment of trauma,burns, wounds, bedsore and diabetic foot in traumatology department, orthopaedics, burn unit, general surgery department, ect.


      All kinds of active bleeding wound, the wound was not debrided, scabby with necrosis, the edges of wound with tumor tissue, sinus interlinked with organ orgreat vessels and organ exposed to surface of trauma. 


      1. Wound debridement Clear away necrotic tisstue, debris and foreign matter of the wound, repair the blood vessels, neural, tendons which need to be rebuilt. Reposition fracture if happened.

      2. Shaping Clip medical sponge according to the shape, size of drainage area or the trauma surface. Some sinus and fistula need to be filled.

      3. Clean the skin around the wound Scrub tainted blood with sterile saline, clear ointment with turpentine or other organic solvent. Finally, use seventy-five percent alcohols to erasure iodine and skin oil. Wipe the wound with clean gauze to ensure drainage area clean and dry.

      4. Fix material and seal Medical sponge material and the drainage area around the wound can use suture fixation according to the conditions of wound, covering with medical bio-dressing film should include at least a margin of 2-3cm of the skin, the closure can use three ways: poke-hole method, mesangial method, encircle method.

      5. Connect, adjust the negative pressure Connect to negative pressure after the seal end and the negative pressure source can adopt negative pressure center of the hospital, negative pressure machine, negative pressure ball and negative pressure bottle. Adjust the negative pressure according to wound condition; recommend to do negative pressure drainage treatment under 80-120mm Hg vacuum. 


      1. Biomedical dressing can’t stick to the skin which is wet or not clean. Please keep the skin dry and clean.

      2. If there is too much liquid in the wound area, it can take a method to seal up, that is connecting the negative pressure source first, then sticking biomedical dressing later.