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      Vacuum Sealed Drainage Bottle


      Product Name: Vacuum Sealed Drainage Bottle

      Size: 600ml 

      Brief introduction:

      1. Determine appropriate length of drainage tube and embedded within the wound.

      2. Make subcutaneous tunnel with guided needle, lead the drainage tube out of skin.

      3. Connect the drainage tube with the bottle.

      4. Open the control switch on the drainage tube, start drainage.

       Applicable Scope and Features:

      This product is mainly used for trauma drainage of orthopaedics surgery, and also widely suitable for the drainage of blood, body liquid produced by postoperative and intraoperative of mammary gland, thyroid gland surgery etc.

      1. Drainage tube is made up by medical-grade silicone rubber, it has the feature of good biocompatibility, anti-stretching, resistance to flat, this ensures drainage fluently, and a variety of models from F10 to F22, suitable for all kinds of surgical drainage.

      2. The anti-reflux device can prevent drainage fluid retrograding, avoiding wound infection.

      3. Guided needle can easily lead the drainage tube out of subcutaneous tunnel, make drainage away from surgical wound, prevent wound infection again, and promote the healing of wound.